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Этот глубоко очищающий гель, содержащий гель алоэ вера и экстракт листьев розмарина, помогает ежедневно достигать лучших результатов для кожи. Предназначен для повседневного использования. Без добавок, таких как парабены, сульфаты и фталаты.

  • Сделано в США
  • Никогда не тестировался на животных
NET 4 FL OZ / 120 мл


Нанесите очищающий гель увлажненными руками, аккуратно взбейте, затем смойте теплой водой. Используйте два раза в день. Избегать контакта с глазами и слизистыми оболочками.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should I use the Oxymasque?
    The Oxymasque by Ellarium can be used 1 or 2 times a week or before a special event for the immediate result. Apply over slightly moist skin, avoiding eye area. The gel will begin to lightly bubble and a slight tingling and cooling sensation will develop. Let remain on the skin for 5 minutes.
  • Do I need to rinse the mask off with water?
    Yes, when the bubbling effect is done, rinse the face thoroughly with warm water and apply the Nourishing C-Cream with natural Collagen by Ellarium after using.
  • What is the Oxymasque by Ellarium made of?
    The Oxymasque by Ellarium is formulated with important vitamins and minerals. Special Ginseng Extract Active complex provides healing and soothing effects. Aloe Vera Gel renews and oxygenates the skin. Chamomile Extract, Corn Extract and Pumpkin Seed extract are known for their soothing and antioxidant properties. Essential Oils provide skin calming, relaxing, balancing, decongestant and normalizing effects. The unique formula of the Ellarium products provides your skin amino acids, peptides and antioxidants.
  • Is the Oxymasque by Ellarium safe for all skin types and ages?
    Yes. The Oxymasque by Ellarium is safe for all skin types and anyone who is looking to hydrate, revive and calm their skin. Ellarium skin care product line will help you to achieve best results for your skin.

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