“ELLARIUM" - is the cosmetology brand that unites the energy of natural ingredients and science to deliver perceptible results and benefits. Creating the formulas of our skin care products, our scientists from the laboratory used natural ingredients and vitamins such as Aloe Vera Gel, Rosemary Leaves Extract, Ginseng Extract and others. Ellarium skin care products line is absolutely free of additives like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates because we strongly believe that what you put on your face has to be natural and pure. In Sacred Geometry, the Merkaba star is constructed as 3D interlocking triangles - which mean that the Realms are intersecting, merging the Divine and the Human together. It is with this inspiration that we created the Ellarium products - when the pure energy of natural ingredients, the science and the sacred symbol on the cover are united in one skin care product line. When you choose Ellarium skin care line, you choose science-based wellness, natural ingredients, and effective products that will help you to achieve your best skin daily.

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"Best products I have tried after hundreds of trips to the estheticians and retail beauty. Great matte effect"
"I’ve decided to try something new and the Ellarium products are really good. You shortly get a healthful matte and nourished skin. Especially it’s great before an event or a date if you want to look fresh! The collagen cream is amazing - skin doesn’t get oily, but it stays nourished for all day long!"
"Finally.....!...It will be the last skin care products that I will ever need. The cosmetics was recommended on a Pintrest. I’ve never tried the foaming facial treatment before, and I wanna say
- it really does work.
Highly recommend this cosmetics line to anyone, of any age!"
JONT HERRY - Webdesign
"I love trying something new, and that was a good choice. And my skin got matted and by the way I was surprised with that foaming effect on my skin!!! It was a lot of fun lol :) You should try it "
This is a wonderful brand!! First I tried the C-Cream only, and was surprised. Then I’ve purchased all the line. The formula is light enough but also so moisturizing! I've used this as a night cream or as a day cream. It's great for both uses. Because the formula is so light, it doesn't make me greasy at all, but also moisturizes well.
Alex Nester
"My face feels amazing!;) I look more glowy, hydrated. My skin feels evened out and soft. The Ellarium products work perfectly together. I don't leave home without wearing them."
Amanda K.

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